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Full Name
Christopher Andrew Maier

Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Joseph Maier was a successful Westinghouse home appliance salesman in the 1950's. Ruth Maier was a homemaker with a lifelong interest in community theater.

Steven, Jeffrey, Christopher, Gregory, Clifford, Philip, Nancy, David, Elizabeth

We were raised in a big old house on Lawyers Hill, in Elk Ridge, Howard County, Maryland. We explored the wooded hillsides that surrounded our home, and the rocky creek in the valley below. We played on the stage of the neighborhood Victorian theater. I took some piano lessons from old Mrs. Presley.

Primary School
Sisters of Notre Dame taught me to be sincere and trusting. I decided to become a priest.

1963-66: St. Charles Minor Seminary. I played the three manual pipe organ for the choir and received an award for writing. But the Church was changing in 1966, so I left the seminary.

High School
  Class of '68 Howard High School. My first classes with “public”  kids, and my first art class. Mr. Green, my art teacher, told me, “You'd be a good art teacher.”, thus sealing my fate.

Odd Jobs
  • House cleaner
  • Salvage yard junk-sorter
  • Underpriveleged youth camp counselor
  • Busboy
  • Grocery clerk
  • Concrete slump tester
  • Roofing quality inspector
  • Amateur house renovator.

  1968-72: University of Maryland, College Park, Bachelor of Arts. One professor stated: “Your drawings stink, but your signature will make you famous.”  I was clearly asleep at the wheel.

  1972-77: Junior High School Art Teacher for the Maryland. Public School System

Graduate School
  1975-77: Maryland Institute of Art. This is when I woke up and also invested in a grand piano.

Busman's Holiday
  • I left my teaching career and sold my house,
  • moved to Philadelphia, found a studio apartment,
  • became a self-styled "artist/pianist",
  • met and immediately fell hopelessly in love with my current partner
  • and failed to earn any dependable income,
  • despite a variety of saloon piano gigs!

Earn A Pension
Or Else!
  1980-present:: Art Teacher for the New Jersey Public School System. Because of my work with the children, I have received The New Jersey Governor's Teacher Recognition Award and a Proclamation signed by The Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Better Buy a Tuxedo
  1983-87: Discovered my musical niche as a cocktail pianist for the rich and powerful. Bookings for corporate receptions and weddings at Philadelphia's Four Seasons Hotel poured in, and I was proud to pay a lot of taxes.

Better Buy 2
  1986-91: Performed three times a week at the Locust Club, a private club for Jewish businessmen in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, I saved my crummiest clothes for wonderful sketching trips in deep South Jersey and also in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I began to write some personal essays and poems around this time. And taught school.


I retired from teaching February 1, 2004, after nearly 30 years in the class room. God willing, I will spend the next 30 years concentrating (finally!!) on Art, Music and Ideas. Imagine that!

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