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Peter Pan's Rescue / Student: Caitlin May 16, 2003
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Once upon an Art Dream there were green hills hovering over the sparkling pond. This was Spongebob's favorite place in the whole entire world. He would meet his best friend, Peter Pan, every day of the week. Yes, it seems strange, a sponge and a flying person--friend forever! They were great friends though. Since the day they were drawn (which isn't a real date in the real world but IS in the art world 00/00/00) they knew they'd be friends forever. In their "special spot" they would just hang out and have a good time. But this time, they didn't have so much fun.

Spongebob was early as usual so he wanted to have some fun alone before Peter Pan got there. So he began gliding down the hills singing "La la la!" This time as he was sliding he noticed some construction going on. They were building a new Pacsun. Spongebob knew that was Peter Pan's favorite store in the whole cartoon! So Spongebob decided to tell Peter not to come. Spongebob wanted to surprise him by buying him an outfit there after it was built. So Spongebob slid back down the path he came from and rain ito Peter halfway there. When Spongebob saw Peter he said, "Pete, today how about we go to the music store and look at the Fender guitars?" But Spongebob knew that Peter didn't even know how to play the guitar. "Um, sure, Spongebob...I guess we can," Peter said, feeling quite confused. He knew Spongebob was up to something, but what?

After a couple of months of never meeting in the meadow, but insead at the music stores, the Pacsun was finished being built! Spongebob told Peter to meet him in the meadow for a change. There Spongebob waited for Peter Pan. The time ticked away as he glided up and down the hills. But what Spongebob didn't notice was that a big, black, furry, ugly spider was creeping up towards him. It's beady red eyes were watching him! Peter Pan had been walking up the path towards Spongebob when he noticed the spider! Peter took some pixie dust, sprinkled it over him, and flew to rescue his friend!

Peter and the big spider fought and fought, Spongebob didn't have a clue what was going on. There were bubbles floating in the air, so he took the spider and threw it into one of the 2 bubbles! It had worked! Then in the meadow came someone from another fairy tale, the King of Spades (he's related to the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland). He was the owner on the new Pacsun and saw Peter's heroic rescue. The King of Spades gave Peter Pan a $100 gift certificate to Pacsun! Peter was so happy and Spongebob heard the whole story. They were friends forever and always will be!