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Student: Scott May 20, 2002
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Once upon an Art Dream there was an evil villian named Wonka. He was a sinister person who used candy as bait to lure young children into captivity. One day Bart Simpson was innocently riding his skateboard down the sidewalk when a man appeared. The man had a bag full of candy and asked Bart if he wanted some. Bart said, "Sure man! Candy is awesome, dude!" Bart took a few bars of chocolate. On his first bite he was turned into a zombie! He walked next to Wonka saying "Must serve Wonka!" over and over. When Bart's father, Homer, found out he was missing, he was outraged! "SAY WHAT!?" Homer yelled! "My son is being held captive by a candy man!?" Homer decided to organize a plan to destroy Wonka industries.

Scott Summers (a.k.a Cyclops) was sipping some iced tea in a lounge chair in his beautiful home in southern Florida when he recieved a call from a crazy man. The man said, "Cyclops, ya gotta help me! My son is being held captive by a strange man with candy bars!" Cyclops was very confused. "Who are you?" he asked. "Homer Simpson," replied the voice on the other end. "Why should I take time out of my relaxing to help you??" asked Cyclops. "Because my son has become a zombie and I love him," replied Homer. "Fine," said Cyclops, "just don't do anything stupid before i get there."

When Cyclops arrived, he saw that this was a very cartoonish weird town. Homer ran up and said "i got an e-mail from Wonka. It has directions to get Bart. We need to cross the Rainbow Field, go across the Green Triangles of Confusion, run along the Purpleaugolden lines, swim in the lake and finally guide through the dot maze." Cyclops stated, "Let the journey begin!"

The journey started along the Rainbow Field. They walked across without trouble. Then they reached the Green Triangles of Confusion. As they crossed, they got very dizzy and drowsy. Right was left and left was right. Or was left wrong? They finally got across and they fell into a deep sleep. When they woke up they were rested and ready to continue on their journey. They crossed the Purleaugolden lines. It required a good balance because the lines were so thin. They swam the lake and guided themselves through the dot maze. They reached a very curvy fence and on the other side was Bart and Wonka. Cyclops had an idea to detroy the fence. "HEY," he said, "maybe I cap zap the fence!" He tried but the fence absorbed the blow and became even stronger. Homer had no idea what to do so he moaned. "D'OH!," he said. The wall started to shake. Cyclops realized that the fences' weakness was horrible sounds! They made all sorts of weird sounds and the wall fell apart! They ran in and Homer took on Wonka while Cyclops rescued Bart. Homer beat the chocolate out of Wonka! Wonka said he would do evil no more and Homer, Bart, Cyclops and Wonka all lived happily ever after!