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Armageddon / Student: Pat February 21, 2001
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Once upon an Art Dream, One quiet day, every kind of weather starts to crash down. No one knows what is going on. The people start to go into total chaos. The mayor of Google Court calls Superman and teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. They arrive in split second time. They see that something isn't right.

Then Superman discovers that one of his arch enemies Dyzard is behind this artificial Armaggedon! He is using a special magic weather triangle. Dyzard starts to laugh because he knows Superman can't touch him because he is made out of kryptonite. But Dyzard doesn't know that the Ninja Turtles are here also. The two super heroes discuss how to defeat Dyzard. They come up with the plan that Superman will handle the weather while the Turtles take care of Dyzard. Superman easily handles the weather by moving the tornadoes and blowing the hurricanes. And he finally punches the hot sun back into the sky.

The Ninja Turtles don't have as much ease with Dyzard as Superman had with the weather. They attack Dyzard with their ninja skills but that doesn't work too good because Dyzard has an evil blue ball that shoots lazers. Leonardo finally defeats the ball by deflecting the lazers with his sword and hitting the ball! A loud bang erupts and the explosion lights Dyzard on fire! With Dyzard dead, the triangle explodes and lets all these prisoners free like Napster and DK. And Google Court lives happily ever after.