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The Tricking GameStudent: Chelsea March 23, 2000
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Once upon an Art Dream Jason Foxtrot challenged Mr. Maier to a soccer game at the Charles W. Lewis Middle School soccer field. Mr. Maier accepted the challenge, so they set the game for March 6, 2000. Mr. Maier had never played soccer before, let alone even been to a soccer game. After realizing what he had just agreed to, he decided that he would have to work very hard and fast to learn as much as possible about soccer, or he would not be able to play against Jason.

Everyday for the next two weeks, Mr. Maier practiced. He ran up and down purple steps, along swerving blue roads, and over purple hills. While Mr. Maier was practicing, Jason was trying to figure out a way to trick his opponent into forfeiting the game, because to tell you the truth, Jason did not know the first thing about playing soccer either. So while Mr. Maier was training in the afternoons, Jason was trying to make uniforms with Adidas signs and controlled accidents (with blue, yellow and green dot patterns), three semicircle goals, and a soccer ball with continuous lines on it.

The day of the game Mr. Maier showed up with a pair of cleats and a blue uniform with purple and green stripes on it. Not knowing that Mr. Maier had learned to play soccer properly, Jason insisted that the game was played with (his newly invented) semicircular goals and multicolored ball. Mr. Maier agreed to this, realizing that Jason had not one clue how to play soccer. Game started at five o'clock. Three minutes into the game Mr. Maier was up by three goals. Towards the end of the game the sun starting to set and Jason decided to forfeit due to the fact that the score was 10 to 1. After that day Mr. Maier made it a point to teach students how to draw dot patterns and continuous lines, because of what Jason did to the goals and soccer ball!